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PostSubject: Scheduling   Scheduling Icon_minitimeSun Aug 02, 2009 10:37 pm

Sunday for me is a time for reflections. I tend to be hard on myself for the things I didn't accomplish. When school is in session I sit down with a calendar and write down all of the things that have to be done during the week. I do the same during the summer but a bit different. The kids and I usually list some free things to do whether it be the library, the fish hatchery, or a nature preserve.

We also list a chore list for us all. What we all need to accomplish in the week even if it's cleaning, cooking (meal planning), or things that need fixed.

We also list what everyone's work schedule is.

We don't necessarily stick to it but at least it's tentative. Many times I have to juggle around dinners when we don't have time for that good pot roast, or if I'm home for the day that Pizza may well serve the family better the next night.

The object though is to just give yourself a partial schedule so that you have a base to relate to. For me this makes the rest of the week go smoother. On weeks that I am remiss in my schedule making duty I tend to be off kilter and a bit flustered.
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