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 Financial Benefits to Recycling

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Financial Benefits to Recycling Empty
PostSubject: Financial Benefits to Recycling   Financial Benefits to Recycling Icon_minitimeFri Jul 24, 2009 1:36 pm

Blah blah blah and more blah. I'm not going to cover the benefits of donating and buying from garage sales. Quite frankly that is splitting hairs when it comes to recycling.

Nope I'm covering something way more sinister than the environment. It's MONEY and your budget. Disposal of trash is a huge chunk of some budgets. I'm floored at the cost of "dumping". I do understand the issues to the environment and that trash haulers deserve good pay especially with what they go through to haul your trash off. *shivers*

Find out where your nearest recycling center is. Your community may even have pick up, if so find out the pick up day. Either way recycling will cut down on your trash disposal which will cut down your bill. Let me make a few suggestions to get you started.

1. Find something to sort your recyclables in. We have 2 containers from our recycling center (they were free) and I use a couple of broken laundry baskets that aren't suitable for laundry but are ok for this purpose.

2. Label them as follows or according to your centers guidelines.
a. paper
b. plastics
c. cardboard
d. tin
e. clear glass
f. colored glass

This helps speed up the process of dropping them off and also gets rid of some of the ew factor. Make sure you rinse your plastics, glass, and tin. Your cardboard and paper must be dry when dropped off.

3. Make sure your center accepts what you are dropping off. They can fine you for dumping if you drop off items they don't accept.

4. Do NOT recycle personal information. To recycle personal information run it through a shredder first. Then I keep 2 bags handy and separate it. You don't want anyone getting ahold of your personal information.

5. Lastly include your kids if you have them. This is a great habit to teach them and one that will help them in the future.
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Financial Benefits to Recycling
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