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 Terms of Use

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PostSubject: Terms of Use   Terms of Use Icon_minitimeMon Apr 27, 2009 6:30 pm

By posting in the forums you agree to all terms of use. Each forum may or may not have it's own terms of use that must be followed as well as these terms.

No vulgar language, no intentinal harassing, inaccurate postings, no threats, invading privacy, or sexual harassment. No violating State, Local or National Laws. A warning may or may not be issued and your membership can/will be terminated. If you are a premium member or advertiser NO refunds will be issued.

No pyramid schemes, unsolicited advertising, promotional materials, spam or chain letters. All linking must be preapproved by administration or moderators.

No posting links or posting "stolen", "copyrighted", or any other illegal links, or information.

Trading and or selling is only acceptable in designated areas. All other posts will be deleted.

If your graphics or post is too large it may be edited or deleted.

Posts may be "bumped" only one time with any 24 hour period. Any more and it will be deleted.

This website is here as a help. We are not licensed nor do we pretend to be. Your money and your budget is your responsibility and Networking Witches is not responsible for it. We are not emotional counselors we are only here to lend an ear and offer support. We are in no way responsible for your lifes decisions.

Our site and use is for entertainment purposes only.
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Terms of Use
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