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 Free fun things to do

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PostSubject: Free fun things to do   Thu Jul 23, 2009 5:29 pm

I was sitting here with my kids thinking of some fun stuff to do that's free. Here are some of the ideas we came up with.

1. Go to the beach - still too cold here but it is still an option.

2. Library - I see people who say their library has this that and the other thing. Ours is ok but it's not one of the beautiful big ones w/ tons and tons of books. Sadly I think my used book storage (10K of them) probably has more than they do. Anyway they have nice activities for the kids. If it's raining tomorrow we'll probably do this.

3. Our local fish hatchery. Ours is beautiful and also has an old train the kids can go through and play w/ all kinds of buttons. Living in Michigan we have a lot of state parks that you can access for $25 a year for your vehicle.

4. Hartwick Pines. This is about 1 1/2 hrs south of me but it is amazing and they have a lot of great logging information and antiquities there.

5. Our local Venetian Festival is going on this weekend. This is rather expensive to go to if you eat and visit the vendors however, if you go on Saturday evening there is a beautiful lit boat parade and fireworks all of which are free. I think we're going to make a late night of it and take the kids.

Now you obviously don't have all of these but my point is check out your local festivals. You don't need to go and hit the rides. Explain to your kids in advance what you will be doing and that you won't be on the rides our purchasing food. Take a cooler with you and I guarantee your kids will still have fun.

Check out your local state parks. Many have learning materials that are free. My kids in the past have nabbed some of these and add the items with pictures and scrapped them in dollar store albums we got. Usually each summer they keep a short diary and I have them add pictures.

As for the library some of us have them and some don't. Many have movies, music, books and other items you can check out. Ours does but everything is out of date. Ours only has 1 copy of the popular books. Also before you donate books to your library check with them and make sure they can use them. Ours won't.

Keep a cooler handy and stuff to put in it. Look around and give your family a fantastic summer!
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Free fun things to do
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